Certificate in Youth and Human Services Nonprofit Administration

child drawing on paper The Certificate in Youth and Human Services Nonprofit Administration (YHSNA) prepares nonprofit organization leaders, dedicated to making a difference in their community and in the lives of others. Nonprofit agencies play an important role in the development and well-being of individuals and communities. To help meet the growing need for qualified leadership in today's non-profit organizations, the certificate program inspires and prepares undergraduates for entry-level professional positions in the nonprofit sector.

Interested students take courses within a broad-based curriculum designed to develop leadership and management skills in nonprofit organizations. Students are required to consult with the campus director to determine course work and co-curricular activities.


Foundation Units
ACT 100 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
RPT/PA 370 Principles of Nonprofit Administration 3
RPT/PA 570 Developing and Managing Resources for Nonprofit Agencies 3
Total for Foundation 9

Professional Competency Areas

Units selected from the following list one course chosen from each area. Note: Up to two (2) courses within the professional competency areas can be substituted with the advisement and approval of the Campus Executive Director.

  • Total units for Professional Competency Areas: 9
  • Field Experience: 3
  • RPT 560, Current Practices in Non-Profit Youth and Human Services (RPT 680 can substitute for RPT 560, with approval)
  • Total units for Certificate: 21

Community Organization and Group Work (minimum 1 course)

Course Number Course Description
RPT 300 Leadership in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism
CAD 400 Community Youth Development
CAD 410 Applied Child and Youth Development
ETHS 410 Grassroots Organizing for Change in Communities of Color
HED 410 Organization and Function of Health Services
SW 410 Human Development and the Social Services
BUS 440 Ethics at Work II
RPT 440 Urban Recreation, Park, and Leisure Services
USP 456 Urban Community Organizing & Citizen Action
RPT 470 Care Break: Alternative Service

Management and Administration (minimum 1 course)

Course Number Course Description
SW 302 Introduction to Social Service Organizations
COMM 321 Communication Theory
MGMT 405 Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior
HED 455 Community Organizing and Community Building for Health
TPW 470 Writing Professional Promotions
TPW 480 Writing Technical Documentation
TPW 490 Grant Writing
RPT 500 Organization of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Services
CAD 510 Adult Supervision and Leadership in Early Childhood Programs
USP 660 Roles of Nonprofit Organizations in Urban Life

Program Planning (minimum 1 course)

Course Number Course Description
RPT 340 Conference and Event Planning and Management
RPT 380 Developmental Play Processes
RPT 400 Theory of Program Planning
MKTG 431 Principles of Marketing
CAD 550 Development and Evaluation of Youth Programs
EED 604 Working with Parents in Group Programs for Young Children

Required Certificate Field Experience **

  • Documented 250-hours fieldwork with nonprofit agency (RPT 560 or 680)
  • 50 hours co-curricular & service learning project (CIC)
  • 1 Day CraigsList Foundation Annual Nonprofit Boot Camp, or an equivalent nonprofit local conference
  • Two Foundation Center Classes/Trainings (some free), or at an equivalent nonprofit training center
  • "Students are required to consult with certificate advisor/director and complete required co–curricular activities, including volunteer hours in community, private non–profit, or wellness recreation settings; and attendance at a conference that focuses on non-profit organization issues and management."