Job Opportunities

San Francisco has many recreation, parks, and tourism career opportunities.  Although some students are in the program to gain the knowledge and degree necessary to move up in the organization they presently work for, many other students take advantage of opportunities to shift their career to a new organization.


The first step in getting the career that you want is focusing your classwork on your area of professional interest.  You will be exposed to a breadth of ideas in the recreation, parks, and tourism profession; but it is desirable that you focus your studies on a consistent professional interest.  Moreover, students often use their class assignments as opportunities to make professional connections.


The second step to developing the career you want is networking.  The collaborative nature of the Recreation, Parks, and Tourism graduate program offers excellent opportunities to network with students and faculty from the San Francisco Bay Area, Chico, and Sacramento.  Going to graduate school also offers excellent opportunities to network at professional conferences and meetings (e.g., the California Parks & Recreation Society’s Bay Area Institute, the Association for Experiential Education International Conference, the International Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference).  These conferences can be excellent opportunities to learn from others, present your own research and/or skills, and meet professionals working in organizations that could potentially be hiring you in the future.


Some graduate students acquire internships at one or more of the wide diversity of organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. These experiences not only expand students’ professional network, but can also directly lead to professional career opportunities.
Finally, as a current student in or alumni of the San Francisco State University Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, you are part of network of professionals.  The Department’s LinkedIn page (SFSU Recreation Alumni Group) offers opportunities to connect with the many job opportunities that are sent to the RPT Department or come directly from alumni and current students.


Getting a graduate degree in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism offers many opportunities to advance your career in the profession.  


For Further Information, Contact:
Dr. Jackson Wilson, Graduate Coordinator
Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132
Telephone: (415)338-2030