Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration is an accredited program that delivers academic content that is current, relevant, and experiential. The curriculum leads to a 400-hour, 12-unit, full-time internship at one of 400+ approved RPT organizations, with the majority of students being offered job positions after the culminating experience.

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General Education

In addition to providing a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, the RPT Department provides students with an opportunity to explore recreation, parks, and tourism through General Education (GE). Below are classes offered each semester that satisfy GE requirements, with a few courses satisfying both GE and RPT major requirements.

Course                        General Education Area

RPT 110                      A3 (Critical Thinking)
RPT 200                      D1 (Social Science)*
RPT 210                      C1 (Art)
RPT 230                      C3 (Literature)
RPT 380                      UD-D (Upper Division Social Science)*
RPT 440                      UD-D (Upper Division Social Science)*
RPT 605                      UD-D (Upper Division Social Science)*

*Courses with an asterisk also satisfy RPT major requirements.


Master of Science (MS)

Our Master's degree prepares students to be employed in supervisory and managerial positions in the RPT profession. The regional hybrid program offers advantages of both online and in-person experiences, and is a collaboration with two other northern California State University campuses (Chico and Sacramento). This unique learning environment provides students with more opportunities to network with other students with similar professional interests, and access to three times as many faculty for teaching, research, and professional networking.

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