Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration

Program Overview

The 51-unit Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration has an experiential curriculum based on the following:

  • National accreditation standards, current trends, and research
  • Comprehensive feedback from students, alumni, and an advisory board of RPT professionals
  • Distinguished faculty with extensive knowledge and experience in teaching, research, and service
  • The diversity and vitality of the San Francisco Bay Area as a hands-on classroom and living laboratory
  • Current and relevant content in the areas of for-profit, non-profit, and public recreation; local, state, and national parks; and domestic and international tourism.

The overall purpose of the program and curriculum is to prepare students to . . . Engineer Experiences that Engage, Empower, and Educate


There are no prerequisites or admission requirements for the Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (RPT) major. Please contact the RPT Department to declare or change your major.

Office: HSS 307 (Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00pm)
Phone: (415) 338-7529

See Undergraduate Admissions for applying to SF State.

Degree Requirements

For current RPT degree requirements, please see SF State Bulletin.


1st/2nd year students (0-60 units) - focus on General Education (GE) with the following RPT courses satisfying GE:

Course                        General Education Area

RPT 110                      A3 (Critical Thinking)
RPT 200                      D1 (Social Science)*
RPT 210                      C1 (Art)
RPT 230                      C3 (Literature)
RPT 380                      UD-D (Upper Division Social Science)*
RPT 440                      UD-D (Upper Division Social Science)*
RPT 605                      UD-D (Upper Division Social Science)*

*Courses with an asterisk also satisfy RPT major requirements.

3rd+ year students (60+ units) - follow the below 2-year plan:

3rd Year

4th Year

1stSemester (15 units)

2ndSemester (15 units)

3rd Semester (15 units)

4thSemester (15 units)

     RPT 200

RPT 340

RPT 400*

RPT 690*1(12 units)

     RPT 300

RPT 390

RPT 500*

RPT 699 (if needed)

     RPT 325

RPT 410

RPT 600*(GWAR)




     RPT 350

RPT 440 (GE, UD-D)

RPT Emphasis

     GE (UD-B) or elective

RPT 520

GE (UD-C) or elective

*Courses with an asterisk are required to be taken during the indicated semester.

1  A 12-unit, 400-hour internship with one of 400+ RPT agencies within 60 miles of SF State. 


See SF State Bulletin for detailed Roadmap