Master of Science in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism

The mission of the Master of Science in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism is to serve as a catalyst for the development of emerging entrepreneurial leaders who will be change agents and advance the recreation, parks, and tourism profession and society as a whole.


Our Master's degree prepares students to be employed in supervisory and managerial positions in areas of community recreation and nonprofit leisure services, commercial and private enterprises, and parks and natural resources management agencies. The Master’s degree also offers the preparation for students who wish to earn a doctorate degree and pursue a consulting, research, and/or teaching career. The Department offers a foundation of quality education, service, and research that bridges the gaps between theory and practice, knowledge and experience, and critical and creative thinking.


Our collaborative hybrid program offers the advantages of both online and in-person experiences.  The online experiences allow students to eliminate commutes, which may be appealing to persons working full time or with families. This is complemented by the the intensive classroom experiences and individual faculty advising that build strong relationships within the cohort of students and between the students and RPT faculty.  We only accept students in the fall in order to build a cohort of students that often develop strong professional and social ties.


Our graduate program is a collaboration with two other northern California State University campuses, Chico and Sacramento.  This collaboration gives students more opportunities to network with other students with similar professional interests.  It also gives students access to three times as many faculty for teaching, research, and professional networking.


At the same time as our program is collaborative, we also offer students a strong base of resources and transformative experiences at SF State.  Each student has an individual faculty member to serve as a mentor and academic advisor.  Moreover, faculty from SF State will guide students through their culminating graduate experience; an applied research project or thesis.  


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Learning Outcomes

Students in the Masters of Science Degree in Recreation will develop knowledge and abilities in the following five pillars of our program:



Examine and develop collaborative and entrepreneurial leadership behaviors that advance the recreation, parks, and tourism profession and society.



Acquire the ability to apply fiscal, budgetary, marketing, and human resource knowledge and skills to meet present and future organizational needs and challenges.



Acquire knowledge of theories, models, and trends for explaining the past, present, and future of leisure.  Develop the ability to translate and apply these to recreation, parks, and tourism programs and services.


Demonstrate the ability to design and conduct research, analyze and interpret data, and apply research findings to the recreation, parks and tourism profession.


Quality of Life

Appraise and promote the importance and benefits of leisure, recreation, parks, and tourism to enhance individual, coummunity, and environmental well-being.
For Further Information, Contact:
Dr. Jackson Wilson, Graduate Coordinator

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