A National Model

The Holistic Health Studies Model

The Holistic Health Studies curriculum explores diverse cultural, historical, and interdisciplinary concepts and practices from around the world, with special interest in the interdependent nature of health and healing. We value academic achievement and transformation through experiential learning and community service.

MosaicCourse content covers the world's great healing traditions, contemporary insights into health and the whole person, and critical analyses of current health issues related to food, the environment, social justice, constructive activism, and other key topics. Experiential learning is an essential element of the program with a significant focus on effective self-care skills for both personal and professional development. The perspectives and skills taught in this curriculum are viewed as key aspects of 21st century healthcare, essential for addressing the challenges of an aging populations, shrinking economic resources, and the growing role of prevention and disease self-management.

SFSU StudentIHHS coursework has three primary objectives:

  1. To provide a foundation in principles of holistic health studies
  2. To facilitate the development of personal and professional self-care skills
  3. To offer course work exploring broad issues related to improving health and well-being, from the individual to the global level