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Erik Peper has a PhD in Psychology from Union Graduate School, the Union Institute and a BA from Harvard University. He is president of the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe and past president of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. An international authority on biofeedback and self-regulation, he has served as a behavioral scientist for the United States Rhythmic Gymnastic team, received the 2004 California Governor’s Safety Award for his work on Healthy Computing, and the 2005 Sheila Adler Award from AAPB for his efforts to support and encourage student participation. He is an author of numerous scientific articles and books, including Biofeedback Mastery, Muscle Biofeedback at the Computer, Make Health Happen Training and De Computermens. He is also the co-producer of weekly Healthy Computing Email Tips. His research interests focus on the psychophysiology of healing, illness prevention, voluntary self-regulation, holistic health, healthy computing, respiratory psychophysiology, and optimizing health with biofeedback.