Kenn Burrows

Kenn Burrows

Core Faculty
Location: HSS 333


Kenn Burrows has been an educator and consultant for over forty years, teaching Holistic Health Studies at San Francisco State University since 1991. He is founder and Director of The Holistic Health Learning Center (HHLC), a unique interdisciplinary library and community action center integrating personal, social, and environmental aspects of health. Since 2004, he has produced the biennial conference: The Future of Health Care. For the 2020 conference, see: Digital Living—Promises and Perils. Since 2001, under his direction, the HHLC has hosted Food Awareness Month (October) exploring concerns about modern food choices and the Gandhi-King Season for Nonviolence – a 64-day (1/30-4/4) educational campaign demonstrating that nonviolence can empower our personal and collective lives.

He is also a member of the Executive Board of Media Freedom Foundation which oversees Project Censoreda national effort educating the public about media literacy and the importance of independent news, and the common good. He also serves as faculty advisor to the student organization, Project Censored—SF State (2009-now), where students research and write independent news stories as part of a national voting process to select the top independent news stories of the year.  If selected students have their writing published in Censored, an annual media literacy handbook. Mr. Burrows is a regular contributor to Censored, writing about the importance of constructive (solution-based) news—news stories that empower individuals and communities by highlighting human goodness, creativity and collaborative power. In Censored 2020, Mr. Burrows and two past students wrote the closing chapter: Our Collective Crisis and Constructive Journalism—Growing the Good and Possible.

Prior to coming to SF State, he taught at Foothill Community College for twelve years and operated Stress-Care, a corporate training and consulting company. His current research and teaching interests include: holistic philosophy (inquiry into the complexity, vitality and beauty inherent in nature/whole systems), stress and self-care skills, narrative analysis, new forms of activism, and the evolution of consciousness and culture: fostering nonviolence, creativity and a sustainable, humane future.