Welcome to The Institute for Holistic Health Studies (IHHS)

The Institute for Holistic Health Studies (IHHS) is dedicated to providing San Francisco State University and the broader community with a deeper understanding of health and healing from a holistic perspective, integrating interdisciplinary ideas and practices from around the world. IHHS is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service, and to the dissemination of innovative health promotion curricula in higher education.

GlobeA Holistic Perspective

The global community faces significant challenges and opportunities. As the world gets smaller our problems become increasingly linked to issues of interdependence. Certainly the health of individuals and of nations reflects this complex interplay of diverse elements, from the biological to the socioeconomic. To prepare students for work and leadership in this new environment reforms in education will be essential.

StudentsOur Students

Our students and alumni are remarkable people. They seek to improve their own health and well-being, and to contribute to a greater social good. From innovations in business to providing essential services to diverse communities, our graduates are making a difference in the world. We spotlight some of these special people as they make they way through SFSU and beyond.  Learn more - Student Profiles

The Institute for Holistic Health Studies (IHHS) is affiliated with the Department of Recreation, Parks, Tourism & Holistic Health and the College of Health and Social Sciences at San Francisco State University.