The Recreation, Parks & Tourism (RPT) Department and Holistic Health (HH) Studies Program at SF State offers unique educational programs for the next generation of professionals in parks and outdoor recreation, complementary medicine, workplace and community wellness, adventure, eco and leisure tourism and mind-body healing. Join our programs to participate in local and global learning experiences. Gain a deeper understanding of health, healing and well-being from diverse perspectives. By combining innovative, science-based education with hands-on learning experiences, RPT and HH students are some of the most employable and prepared graduates across the globe. 

RPT and HH Programs Data

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Applicable General Education Courses

Academic Courses Offered by RPT and HH

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Courses

students standing in front of San Francisco skyline
My advice to future students is to join the RPT program, put in as much effort as possible because the more you put into this program, the more you get out of it.

Anneke Lau

RPT graduate of 2018 — event planning emphasis; a people operations coordinator at a digital health tech company in San Francisco

The department also offers courses that satisfy General Education (GE) requirements and a variety of activity classes, such as sailing and rock climbing, which are open to all students. GE requirements that are satisfied by a specific course appear in these course’s description.

Recreation, Parks and Tourism GE

Lower Division

  • RPT 200: Foundations of Recreation, Parks and Tourism [D1 Social Sciences] 
  • RPT 205: Adventure Travel [D1 Social Sciences]
  • RPT 210: Growth Through Art and Leisure [C1 Arts]
  • RPT 230: Growth Through Adventure [C2 Humanities; C3 or C2 Humanities/Lit.]
  • RPT 280: Developmental Play Processes [D1 Social Sciences]

Upper Division                 

  • RPT 440: Urban Recreation and Parks [UD-D Social Sciences; Am. Ethnic & Racial Minorities; Social Justice]
  • RPT 605: Ecotourism Principles and Practices [UD-D Social Sciences; Environmental Sustainability; Global Perspectives; Social Justice]       

Community service-learning (CSL) courses provide students with real-world experiences, while also serving community needs and creating engaging experiences beyond the classroom. In addition, you can also post services hours on your official transcript. 

Please note: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some CSL courses have suspended in-person opportunities to work directly with community members. 

Recreation, Parks and Tourism Community Service-Learning Courses

  • RPT 350 Facilitating Wellness Through Leisure
  • RPT 410 Therapeutic and Inclusive Recreation 
  • RPT 470 Travel with Purpose (Care Break: Alternative Spring Break Service) 
  • RPT 690 Internship in RPT
  • RPT 699 Independent Study 

Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration

The department offers an accredited Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration. This 39-unit experiential curriculum leads to a 400-hour, 9-unit, full-time internship at one of 400+ approved RPT organizations, with the majority of students being offered job positions upon graduation.

Minor in Recreation

A 12-unit minor in Recreation is available to provide foundational knowledge, history, philosophy and science of recreation, parks and tourism. In addition, this minor program has many applicable general education (GE) courses and can serve as a complementary study to any university bachelor's degree programs. 

Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Youth Services

The department offers a 24 unit Certificate in Youth and Human Services Nonprofit Administration. Nonprofit agencies play an important role in the development and well-being of individuals and communities. To help meet the growing need for qualified leadership in today’s nonprofit organizations, the certificate program inspires and prepares undergraduates for entry-level professional positions in the nonprofit sector. Interested students take courses within a broad-based curriculum designed to develop leadership and management skills in nonprofit organizations. Students are required to consult with the certificate campus advisor to determine coursework and field experience requirement.



Holistic Health Courses

person sitting in a yoga pose
I decided to get into Holistic Health because I wanted to take a more hands on approach to my own heath, physical and mental well-being.

Christian Martinez

Former Holistic Health student and teaching assistant for Holistic Health professor Erik Peper

The department also offers courses that satisfy General Education (GE) requirements, and a variety of activity classes, such as sailing and rock climbing, which are open to all students. GE requirements that are satisfied by a specific course appear in these course’s description.

Holistic Health Studies GE

Lower Division

  • HH 200: Holistic Approach to Academic Success [D1 Social Sciences; Environmental Sustainability]
  • HH 205: Relaxation and Stress Reduction [D1 Social Sciences]
  • HH 210: The Tao of Well Being in Chinese Tradition [C2 Humanities; Am. Ethnic & Racial Minorities]

Upper Division

Core Courses (choose 3 for minor or certificate)

  • HH 380: Holistic Health: Western Perspectives [UD-B Physical Life Science; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 381: Holistic Health: Eastern Perspectives [UD-D Social Sciences; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 382: Holistic Health: Human Nature and Global Perspectives [UD-C Arts and/or Humanities; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 383: Chinese Perspectives in Holistic Health [UD-D Social Sciences]

Western Perspectives

  • HH 430: Biofeedback: Mind-Body Connection and Self-Regulation [UD-B Physical Life Science]
  • HH 435: Autogenic Training and Embodied Living [UD-B Physical Life Science]
  • HH 535: Western Nutrition and Herbs [UD-B Physical Life Science]
  • HH 560: Naturopathic Medicine and Personal Wellness [UD-B Physical Life Science]
  • HH 690: Psychophysiology of Healing [UD-B Physical Life Science]

Eastern Perspectives

  • HH 420: Qigong Body-Mind Energetics [UD-C Arts and/or Humanities; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 450: Somatics: Body Awareness, Movement, and Well-being [UD-D Social Sciences]
  • HH 530: Eastern Nutrition and Herbs [UD-B Physical Life Science; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 540: Meditation and Imagery in Healing [UD-D Social Sciences; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 545: Mind-Body Healing in Tibetan Culture [UD-C Arts and/or Humanities; Global Perspectives]

Global Perspectives

  • HH 650: Anthroposophical Health Studies [UD-D Social Sciences; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 660: Art as Healing [UD-C Arts and/or Humanities]
  • HH 670: Alternative Health Practices [UD-D Social Sciences; Global Perspectives]
  • HH 680: Holistic Health Internship Seminar [UD-D Social Sciences]

Minor in Holistic Health Studies

A 22-unit minor in Holistic Health Studies is available to facilitate the development of personal and professional self-care skills, as well as offer exploratory courses diving into broad issues related to improving health and well-being at the individual and global levels. This minor program is an excellent complement to any major program. In addition, this minor includes applicable general education (GE) requirements. 

Certificate in Holistic Health Studies

The 30-unit certificate in Holistic Health Studies is available to all degree-seeking students, as well as Open University students through the College of Extended Learning. International students seeking the Holistic Health Studies certificate would need to qualify for an F1 visa. This certificate is offered by the Institute for Holistic Health Studies (IHHD) for health care professional seeking career enrichment, in addition to those pursuing personal growth, stress reduction and health promotion. 



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