The Department of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism (RPT), in existence since 1946, offers the following:


  • Vision - A world where leisure permeates all facets of life.
  • Mission - To advance and advocate for the recreation, parks and tourism field through transformative education, scholarship, and service.
  • Philosophy - We believe in engineering experiences that engage, empower, and educate.


The experiential curriculum focuses on the following nine competencies:

  • Communication (verbal/nonverbal, visual, written)
  • Foundations (concepts & philosophy, history, science)
  • Information Technology (application, research, reporting)
  • Leadership (ethics, intrapersonal, interpersonal)
  • Management & Administration (finance, human capital, structures)
  • Programming (plan, implementation, evaluation)
  • Profession & Industry (nature & scope, principles & practices, trends & issues)
  • Sustainability (economic, environment, equity)
  • Wellness (dimensions, applications, assessment/evaluation)

For more information regarding specific program and student learning outcomes for each competency and their associated course(s): rpt.sfsu.edu/competencies


The experiential curriculum is based on the following:

  • National accreditation standards, current trends, and research
  • Comprehensive feedback from students, alumni, and an advisory board of RPT professionals
  • Distinguished faculty with extensive knowledge and experience in teaching, research, and service
  • The diversity and vitality of the San Francisco Bay Area as a hands-on classroom and living laboratory
  • Current and relevant content in the areas of for-profit, non-profit, and public recreation; local, state, and national parks; and domestic and international tourism.

The overall purpose of the curriculum is to prepare students to . . . 

Engineer Experiences that Engage, Empower, and Educate