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"Read the Adventure, Live the Literature"

RPT 230 Growth through Adventures (GE, C3)

In 2021, small groups of students kayaked on the lake, practiced kayak rescues, rock-climbed, bearfoot-walked on the beach, experienced “solo,” reflected on adventures we read, mulled what equity and justice means in outdoors, imagined our future adventures together.

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RPT 280 Developmental Play Processes

Students learn to effectively communicate, trust their team and build a functioning team through challenging exercises. Concepts, trends and issues related to play, recreation and leisure including learning and human development throughout the lifespan, gender and cultural differences, materials and environments, benefits and barriers, engineering and facilitating play experiences, and activity adaptation.


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RPT 470 Travel with Purpose

This service-learning class designed to foster civic and moral responsibility, promote social and environmental justice, and enhance cultural understanding. The curriculum includes a 10-day trip outside the “Bay Area bubble” (e.g, Hawaii, Costa Rica) to explore the effects of oppression imposed on marginalized indigenous and racially and ethnically diverse communities by the dominant culture.




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