Faculty & Student Research

Our faculty are involved in a variety of research agenda that involved the local and international communities, government agencies, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations. The topics include travel and tourism, parks and recreation, youth development and nature, open space and wildlife, health and wellness and more. Students are encourage to reach out to the faculty listed below for possible research volunteer or paid research assistant opportunities. For community agencies, we welcome opportunities to discuss sponsored research and evaluations.

Student Featured Publications

Ongoing Research

A research assistant wearing a VR headset at a SF State lab

Association of Qualities of Natural Environments and Health Outcomes

A series of experimental studies examine the health benefits of different qualities of natural environments. The current study is using VR technology to understand the relative important of sound and depth of view in natural environments.

Faculty: Jackson Wilson and Aiko Yoshino


A group of people hiking in eucalyptus and grass field

Nature and Health with Equity

The exposures to natural environment have tremendous impacts on our well-being, yet the disproportionate benefits on people from some racial and ethnic groups with low-income household is real. We continue to understand the barriers and strategies for the urban communities, specifically Black, Indigenous, People of Color, who are living in a low-income community.

Faculty: Aiko Yoshino

Trail signage said Bay Area Ridge Trail

Long Trails

Some people may have heard about the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail and/or Continental Divide Trail.  However, there are many more long trails in the US and elsewhere. How do choices about these trails are developed lead to differences in environmental, experiential, and economic impacts as well as user and non-user benefits?

Faculty: Jackson Wilson


Online Education

During the period of emergency remote instruction, we shifted from having a small percentage of faculty teaching online to nearly all faculty teaching that way. Dr. Wilson is continuing his long history of research into the efficacy of learning modes through a current investigation into bichronous learning (both synchronous and asynchronous online learning).

Faculty: Jackson Wilson

Faculty Publications

Pavlina Latkova standing in front of two posters

Environmental Impact of Tourism and Recreation

We examine tourists’ attitudes, intention to act, and behaviors as a result of engaging in our local eco-tour in Half Moon Bay, California to a socially responsible tour to the Ecuadorian Amazon with Amazon Watch.

Faculty: Pavlína Látková, Jackson Wilson

Publications & Presentation:

    African American child using binoculars by a creek

    Outdoor Education & Recreation

    We investigate the learning outcomes through outdoor adventure programming, experiential education, environmental education and outdoor recreation. We have examined a variety of outcomes, including healthy living for girls, psychological resilience through adventure experience, connection with nature through environmental education and more.

    Faculty: Susie Barr-WilsonBen KumliJackson Wilson, and Aiko Yoshino


    Holistic Health Research

    Want to learn more about holistic health and wellness perspectives through research? Please visit the Institute for Holistic Health Studies research areas webpage.