Dr. Yoshino headshot photo

Aiko Yoshino

Associate Professor
Email: ayoshino@sfsu.edu
Location: HSS 338

Dr. Yoshino is an Associate Professor in the Department of Recreation, Parks & Tourism at San Francisco State University (SF State). Her scholarly agenda is rooted in the health impacts of exposure to nature. Her research includes the psychological resilience gained through extended wilderness-based programs as well as nature-based interventions for marginalized communities to prevent chronic illnesses. She works closely with community-based organizations for research, teaching, and innovative program development.

Her teaching experience includes a range of levels, elementary to college, and places, educational outdoor expeditions from Alaska, Taiwan to the Himalayas.  She serves for the Outward Bound USA National Safety Board, the SF State Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning Advisory Board, and East Bay Regional Parks District Multicultural Advisory Committee. Dr. Yoshino is originally from Japan, an enthusiastic educator, a collaborative scholar, and a mother.

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