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Recreation, Parks & Tourism (RPT)
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Holistic Health Studies (HH)
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Recreation, Parks & Tourism (RPT)


Holistic Health Studies (HH)

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Student Opportunities

 Recreation, Parks & Tourism

  • RPT Student Organization
  • Pacific Leadership Institute Ropes Course
  • Campus Recreation/Mashouf Wellness Center

Holistic Health Studies

Holistic Health Studies Institute

  • Holistic Health Network/Student Club
  • Project Censored (student club) – SF State
  • Meditation Station (student club)

Holistic Health Learning Center

  • Holistic Health Library and Internship
  • Holistic Health Career Day
  • Food Awareness Month
  • Ghandi-King Season for Non-violence
  • Massage Hour
  • Faculty-Mentored Student Research (contact individual faculty). Including areas in psychophysiology, meditation, media literacy studies, respiration and health (link to page when ready)
  • Annual Student Awards for Academic Excellence and Community Service



A 15-unit, 400-hour internship with one of 400+ RPT agencies within 60 miles of SF State is required of all students during their last semester at SF State. This culminating experience allows students to gain hands-on experience, apply classroom knowledge, and facilitate their transition from academics to a career.

  • Database
  • Policy (under construction)
  • Forms


All forms will be completed in RPT 600 (the semester before you begin your internship) with the exception of Form B (Verification of Hours), which can be submitted at any time.

Scholarships and Awards

Recreation, Parks & Tourism

Three scholarships are awarded each year to undergraduate students who meet all culminating internship requirements. In addition, there are numerous other scholarships available through AcademicWorks. Click on each scholarship for a description and eligibility criteria:

  1. RPT Internship Scholarship (2 scholarships at $500 each)
  2. Carol Severin Memorial Scholarship (($1,000)

Holistic Health Studies

Annual Student Awards for Academic Excellence and Community Service