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"Read the Adventure, Live the Literature"

RPT 230 Growth through Adventures (GE, C3)

In 2021, small groups of students kayaked on the lake, practiced kayak rescues, rock-climbed, bearfoot-walked on the beach, experienced “solo,” reflected on adventures we read, mulled what equity and justice means in outdoors, imagined our future adventures together.

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RPT 210 Growth Through Art and Leisure 

Arts and crafts skills for recreational, clinical, and therapeutic purposes.  The development of creativity and self-expression in community programs, and leadership skills. The course covers Exploring Art through various themes, in addition to the concept of creativity and self-expression and its application to one’s personal/professional life. 


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RPT 520 Parks and Outdoor Recreation Resources

Park operations and regulatory compliance at municipal, county, state, and federal levels; resource acquisition and financing; facility planning, design, and maintenance; environmental issues; ethics; the interrelationship between the environment and visitor experience; and risk management.




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